Monday, April 23, 2007

My Proofreading Persona - Original Orange

We’ve spent the last weekend putting together my new hat- my copyediting and proofreading hat. It is now showing its face and fine design to the world at So thanks to my wonderful husband for working so hard to achieve the clever, clean look.

I’ve been proofreading and copyediting for a while now, working from home checking out websites and article copy for my husband’s clients and learning about SEO from him, in between other projects. I’ve also been collaborating with him and others on a major new travel website to be launched in May, full of wonderful writing on all sorts of places that I’d love to visit. I’ll post a link here, as soon as it is ready to launch.

Now I’ve decided to concentrate on the proofreading and copyediting and develop it as my work from home. I need to kick start my way into earning an income and this seems to be the best possible way. I enjoy doing it, I can work from home in the mornings and evenings, without having to commute long distances and worry about childcare.

I’ve left behind the teaching hat, which I found far too stressful to wear for long periods of time, though I’ll happily go and help out at the children’s school with crafts on occasion. My grand career culminating in the Oscars turned out to be a non-starter, though I can’t pretend to be devastated, so Original Orange, my writing, copyediting and proofreading persona, is definitely the way forward.

I'm now about to set off on a voyage of discovery in the ways of networking on the internet, but where better to start than at home on my blog:

Please could all my blog friends help me spread the word about my services to anyone you know who might be interested. I mainly work by email, so can work for clients anywhere in the world, such are the joys of the net and a 24 hour connection.

Keep fingers crossed for me too!


  1. I've had a look and I love your site. It looks professional and friendly. Perhaps my writing business could do with a website of its own! Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck, hope that you get lots of lovely customers and I will mention your services to a couple of my friends with businesses in SA.

  2. Fingers definitely crossed, and I'll get busy spreading word in Eastern Europe. heehee. Now there's a group that needs some copyediting services!
    Do you hshe?

    I'm heading over to check it out now.
    Good Luck.

  3. god, am such a dork. I was trying to be all smooth with the code and I messed it up! i meant craiglist!


  4. Thanks Charlotte, that'd be great. Having my own website does make me feel very official and professional all of a sudden!
    Nicolle, I just had a look at craigslist. It seems to cover the whole world, I'll have to keep checking it out, thanks for the link!

  5. Original Orange, catchy title. how did you come up with the name?
    I think this sounds and looks perfect!
    I'd hire you in a heartbeat if I was writing a book!

  6. This is really great Kit! The website is very aesthetically pleasing and modern and professional. I like it! I would hire you also. When I write my book you will hear from me. In the meantime...I will spread the word on your new endeavdor. Much success to you! xxxooo

  7. Thanks Corey and Jenny. Here's to hoping all my blog friends become successful authors!

  8. I love the site, it's very professional and catchy at the same time.


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