Friday, September 28, 2007

Fevered Words

How many words are there in me? I'm challenging myself to find out at the moment. I know that there have been too few words left over to flow onto my own blog this week. They're all being diverted at source and filling up other pages.

I've just started a writing job for a new food web site. They want a blog post a day and an article every week, so I'm just trying to get into a regular flow for that. The site's not live yet but I'll give you a link to it once it is.

I've also started another blog on Just the Planet, a luxury travel web site that launched recently. It's full of all sorts of gorgeous places that I can only dream of visiting. My blog there is about the years I worked in Italy and my food memories of picnics and gourmet dinners and is called Pecorino and Pears. I haven't got very far into the story yet, but do come by and visit.

With my first foray into freelancing in full flow, I got brought down by the flu this week. At least it was a fever that had me shivering and clutching hot water bottles on an extremely warm spring day, when the girls were demanding to be taken swimming. Having taken them swimming I retired to the sofa for the rest of the day, downing tools and losing myself in a Georgette Heyer, the perfect panacea for all ills.

The girls were great. Having established that I was out for the count, they just got on and played together for the whole afternoon. The next day I had planned to take them out for a holiday treat, while their brother was at his cricket course, but I was still too weak and feeble, super-glued to the sofa. They bore the disappointment well and enacted innumerable four act dramas with their toy animals, middle daughter helping youngest with making sandwiches at snack time, as I dozed through the sound track of their play. I slept through lunch time with never a complaint from them, when usually they tell me they're hungry about twenty times a day.

I'm much better now. Having disposed of a Katie Fforde yesterday and used up my reserve stock of blog posts, I got back to work on the computer today, under the guise of resting. My husband was the one who had to go and attend the 'prize-giving' of our son's holiday cricket course and then he took all of the children to see Ratatouille. They came back full of it, so now we need to add it to our DVD collection. They are so used to watching things on video or DVD that they expect to be able to re-watch everything about a hundred times, until they know it by heart.


  1. Kit, I'm thrilled to hear that your freelance work is going so well. I'm looking forward to reading the foodie blog and will be taking some time to read the travel one too. My experience of all this writing, and all this juggling, is that something has to give. With me, it's the housekeeping, but I'm sure you'll keep everything on track!

  2. I'm not sure about that, my housekeeping wasn't so great to start with!

    So far I think it's the baking that has got ousted from my week - I still manage the bread but the biscuit and rusk tins have been empty for ages.

    Plus I seem to have mislaid my sense of humour around the children becoming irritable mum in a rush, though I can't remember when I last had it, so don't know if it's the freelance work to blame.

  3. Kudos to you for your new writing jobs Kit! Will add these to my sidebar favorites! Can't wait to read what you post on your travels and experiences in Italy and all the foodie stuff! Hope you are on the mend and the flu stays away from the resat of the family. You go girl! xxxooo

  4. Kit, it sounds like you're a working mum, and a human one at that. I started a new job this week, working from home, had two computer crashes, school harvest fair, charity dinner plus various other sense-of-humour-loss-inducing errands to fill up my precious 'work time'. aaah, who ever said you could do it all? Now I have to spend the whole of tomorrow catching up on work, when I'd much rather be reading Georgette Heyer!!!

  5. You'll soon work into a new rhythm and all will be smooth again. Hardly fair getting the flu though your first week, that made it seem much less manageable. Sorry. Looking forward to reading your new food blog when I come up from my studies next week. Tests next week, laundry piles up and everyone wondering if we will ever have "good" things to eat again. Sigh.

  6. Congrats on the new gigs. I'm looking forward to reading them! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. Wonderful news! You are a brilliant writer, your words flow and give way to thoughts that easily enter a person's mind and heart.

    Good luck!
    I cannot wait unitl your Food blog post are open to the public!

  8. Thank you all for all your support, good wishes and interest - it's so wonderful having you out there cheering me on, I feel a warm glow and the suspicion of a tear!

    Inge, Hope your computer is behavign now, it's the worst thing being dependent on a temperamental machine. I'm so glad to find another Georgette Heyer comfort reader here in the blogosphere!

    Jenny, Thanks for adding me to your sidebar - it's great to have a link so soon.

  9. Your new projects sound like fun!

  10. Hi Kit, the writing work sounds really interesting. I look forward to checking it out. If you are experiencing serious humour failure, being sick doesn't help. Great to hear you are well again. I think in the early days of working, you are still establishing a routine. There is a fair amount of anxiety about how you are going to fit it all in, but eventually you get to a point where you worry less and can switch off to have fun with the kids more easily. Best wishes.

  11. Stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it...will be back.


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