Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pre-school Hit Parade

Don’t tell the social services....

At bed-time last night Youngest told me which are her favorite two songs. I was expecting something innocuous from Abba given their enthusiasm for Mamma Mia, but No! It turns out the Top Ten for not-quite-six year olds in this house is headed by ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ from the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs and ‘Don’t want to go to Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse….

No, they haven’t seen the movie Reservoir Dogs. I haven’t seen the movie Reservoir Dogs… it’s just back in the days when we lived in a photographic studio in South London, the happening crowd of photographers were listening to the Reservoir Dogs CD a lot and it rapidly became our baby son’s favorite – he’d bounce energetically up and down in our arms when the second track started with its Ugga Ugga, Ugga Chakka beat and it was a full cardiovascular workout dancing to the first three tracks with him. We told the story of this recently and of course had to dig out the CD to play to him. All three kids now love it.

And Amy Winehouse – well my husband just took a shine to her wonderful husky voice, so she is on the play list in our house with three kids singing along, protesting that they don’t want to go to Rehab – I don’t think they know where exactly Rehab is – probably somewhere cold and very wet – a bit like the Western Cape right now!


  1. I have to admit "I don't want to go to rehab" has a great smoky feeling - the girl has style. I had to talk about listening to the lyric message when my daughter was dancing around humming to the Shaggy Song, "It wasn't Me"....ummm yes it DOES have a fun beat, but do you hear WHAT they are saying?

  2. I shouldn't feel so bad that my son requests Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Heavy Glow' on loop as we drive to and from school... :)


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