Monday, February 15, 2010

Pizza and Cape Town Food Bloggers Conference

I found another delicious use for our profusion of bite-size tomatoes yesterday. With the weather getting close to a true February scorching summer's day on Valentine’s Day, I deemed it way too hot for a Sunday roast and decided to make pizza instead. Youngest feels hard done by if we don’t have a proper lunch on a Sunday, and pizza is one of the few acceptable substitutes for roast chicken and roast potatoes.

On one of the pizzas I drizzled olive oil and then scattered halved cherry tomatoes, diced mozzarella and a little chopped garlic. When it came sizzling from the oven I scattered some fresh basil over it. It was so delicious that it almost disappeared while my back was turned rolling out the next pizzas and I only managed to grab one piece. Next time I’m making more!

Now that I’m blogging about food again, rather than mumps, I am really excited to discover that there is going to be Cape Town’s first ever food bloggers conference next month on the 21st March. I have been envying from afar all the blogger get togethers that happen in London and elsewhere, so it is wonderful to have the chance to be part of one. Jeanne from Cooksister will be speaking as well as several other experienced food bloggers.

Here is the link to the conference site if you are interested in attending.

RSVP: Please can you let Colleen know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend by contacting her on or and leaving her your details so that she can get back to you.


  1. Hello Kit! Lovely post.... well, I love my pizza, so im sure to enjoy, also following the foodbloggers conference details with interest.. Sounds good!

  2. That pizza looks absolutely stunning....Lucky you did get a slice hehe. Thanks so much for doing the post and putting up the badge Kit. Much appreciated.
    Looking forward xx

  3. Oh, delish! Am going to have to make some pizza and soon...

  4. Funny - now that I think abotu it, I don't think we ever had anything but some sort of roast for lunch, even in summer! In our house, Pizza was strictly a Saturday night or Friday lunch meal - funny the routins families get into :) Can't wait to see you again at the conference!


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