Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Foodie Bliss

Living out on a farm as we do, I occasionally suffer from foodie pangs of blog envy. So many gourmet delights are within easy reach of city gourmets -  the latest chic eaterie, Parisian patisserie or artisan chocolatier. Cape Town is close enough that I could theoretically nip in and indulge myself on gourmet delights once in a while, but life is busy, times are tight and it rarely happens.

So this weekend I was in foodie heaven when not one but two treats I’ve drooled over virtually winged their way in real life out to our farm.

The first was some small but perfectly formed bars of artisan chocolate from Honest chocolate that my lovely sister-in-law brought me from Cape Town. I’d discovered them online and written about them but never actually tasted it.

Their ethos is totally ethical – pure organic raw chocolate hand-crafted without any additives, dairy or processed sugar – single origin Aribba Nacional beans from Ecuador sweetened with agave. I was sure just looking at the website that this would result in chocoholic heaven and I wasn’t disappointed when I broached the first bar: a 72% bittersweet orange.

The chocolate had an amazing creamy texture that melted in the mouth like a truffle, smooth very chocolatey and rich – the orange wasn’t overpowering but just gave citrussey overtones that lasted and left a pleasant aftertaste. I’m looking forward to opening the 88% dark bar but am going to hide in a dark corner so I don’t have to share this one!! I also love their wrappings.

The second treat was a beautiful box of macaroons from Cassis, Cape Town's own touch of Paris. I can’t count the times I’ve seen gorgeous looking macarons on other blogs and read the ecstatic ravings without really knowing what all the fuss was about. Now I know...! These were perfectly moist and chewy inside and the fillings raised them to a level of decadent gorgeousness that I hadn’t expected. They were brought by a friend for a family gathering so they disappeared before I could photograph them, but I luckily did manage to taste several different flavours by scooping up and sampling any halves discarded by unappreciative children. The chocolate caramel one pictured was stunning but I was even more wowed by the raspberry, which surprised me as I don’t usually go for pink! However they got just the right level of sweet/tart balance. I am now an official macaroon fan!

And here is a last foodie discovery, that I failed to notice was posted on April 1st on the Fairview blog Inspired by the Indonesian Kopi Luwak, Fairview proclaimed that they have produced a new coffee made from coffee berries that have been eaten and partially digested by their goats, I was getting all excited by this possibly new taste sensation and even composing a whole post in its honour when at last I noticed the tag at the bottom. April Fools... aaagh!


  1. I'm not a huge choc eater, but this stuff looks amazing, and will look out for it. The goaty coffee beans? Nah. Very relieved that was an AFJ.
    Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog Kit - much appreciated. x

  2. Oh, Kit - drooling over the first part, laughing at the last bit!

    Honestly, have ever been near enough to a goat to smell it? Would you really want to put anything that had been touched by that IN YOUR MOUTH? Especially considering how something "partially digested" would get OUT again.... Gah!


  3. Hi Kit, thanks so much for the mention of our chocolate. Nice to hear you enjoyed the Orange bar, let us know about the 88% when you get round to tasting it. Pop round to our shop for a visit when you're next in the city.
    Michael (Honest Chocolate)

  4. Oooooh, Kit - the chocolate police are on to you! Watch what you say... 8-). Seriously, nice of them to comment on your blog. Also glad you didn't hate the chocolate.

  5. @ Jane-Anne - definitely look out for this chocolate - you should find it easily enough around Cape Town and it's worth it.
    @Marcheline - it's seriously good chocolate so no problem there!
    @Michael - thanks so much for visiting my blog - I have rationed my way through the 88% by now, one square at a time.... Ok perhaps two or three on occasion! It is a real dark chocolate-lover's chocolate, with a wonderful creamy texture. I'll definitely be back for more and I'd love to try some of your other bars some time too!

    @all - I'm definitely more of a chocolate than a coffee fan, so perhaps it's just as well the goats are an April Fool!


Thanks for your comments - I appreciate every one!