Sunday, May 28, 2006

5 things meme

I confess to being a blog/internet novice. Here I've been thinking that two of my new blog friends have been too busy to post anything all week and all I needed to do was click the refresh button up top...duh!

Well now I've caught up with you again, (enjoyed reading all your posts and seeing kansasrose's pics) and found that Meredith tagged me to do this 5 things meme (what does meme mean in English?) so here we go.

5 things in my fridge
a lot more than 5 but here are the more interesting:

Parmesan cheese my mother brings proper parmigiano reggiano vacuum packed from England when she visits and I treasure it till next time
Black olive paste from Riebeek Kasteel a town near us, the South African olive industry is growing fast
Home-made marmalade, apricot and strawberry jam I started making it a couple of years ago to deal with our excess strawberry crop and now can't stop
Play dough also home made but distinctly grey looking now from too many excursions
Respitron syrup a herbal supplement to boost the respiratory system that my son has every day

5 things in my closet

we only have one too-small antique pine cupboard that was meant as a hall coat cupboard and is just too narrow to take a coathanger, so they have to go in at an angle, with the result that it is stuffed to the gills. We neither of us like fitted cupboards, however useful and can't afford to buy the beautiful antique wardrobes and linen presses that we'd like, so have lots of suitcases and plastic boxes in the loft to take the things we don't wear.

Clothes my husband's and my jackets, shirts and trousers and dresses I hardly wear.
rucksacks and duffel bags in case we go somewhere
birthday presents for the kids one hiding place they haven't yet found
knitting jumpers I started twelve years ago and never finished
dry lavender I pick from our bushes and throw bunches in every now and again

5 things in my car

One roll loo paper for snotty noses on school run
Acorns the kids fill their pockets outside kindergarten every day
Crumbs kids - no explanation required
Crumpled newspaper to soak up an oil leak from some sort of tool that my husband transported
2 of clubs no idea why

5 things in my purse

homeopathic arnica pills for bumps and bruises
asthma inhaler in case of sudden allergy attacks in my son
pink sunhat middle daughter's
spare knickers youngest's and a permanent necessity still
S.A. ID book and UK passport a document dichotomy
one gumnut from the bluegum trees, the kids make gnomes from them oops that's six you choose one to drop

As for tagging 5 more people, I'm new to this business and you guys have used up all the people who look at my blog...but if you haven't yet done this and read this post consider yourself tagged :) (first time I've done a smiley...definitely a novice!)


  1. Oh sweetie...I always have to make time for my keeps me sane! It's is my coffee and rolls at the big world kitchen table with fabulous, beautiful and intelligent women and is a daily part of my soul nourishment! I had to laugh at the things in your car Kit...the acorns collected by your kindergarten Alex did the very same! I would find them in the car...her jacket pockets, pants pockets, and scattered here and there all over the house! Kids are the same everywhere in this small world, bless them all! Your fridge items sound wonderful and exotic! I am learning so much from you!xxoo Jenny

  2. Thanks so much for playing along, your lists are very interesting. What is a gumnut or better yet, a blue gum tree? I am going to look it up on the internet!

  3. This blogging is bringing a whole new dimension of new friends to my life - I'm hooked too!

    Blue gum is the eucalyptus tree - native to Australia but planted all over South Africa over the last century. It's classed as an invasive alien, so we're not supposed to plant it but there are so many everywhere they self-seed. The "nuts" are the seed pods roundish with a flat end...oh I must sort out this photo business so I can post you a picture, words don't accurately describe... we spray them gold for Christmas decorations and they make good gnomes!

  4. Oh the days of having loo paper and a pair of extra knickers! That brought back baby memories!!


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