Thursday, August 24, 2006

Couch Potatoes

I spent the entire afternoon on the sofa, reading my favourite children's books. Decadence indeed, except that an eight year old with flu needed distraction from his aches and pains, watching TV didn't appeal, as his head was aching(when they're sick is the only time they get to watch in the afternoon, unless there's an international sporting event, so usually they leap at the chance) . My son is at all times an avid story fiend, so I got out a couple of my old favourite books - The Children of Green Knowe by L.M.Boston and The Armourer's House by Rosemary Sutcliff, forgot about anything else that needed doing and we sat engrossed in the stories for ages. It was so great to have a good reason to stop being busy and spend time just sitting with him, usually it's just one chapter before I have to go and do some work or washing or cooking or one off the girls needs something and half my attention is already elsewhere, but today I was enjoying the book so much, he practically had to beg me to stop when he'd had enough!

The girls had gone with their aunt to visit my other sister in law who is sick with pneumonia in hospital - we're a sick family at the moment - so a couple of hours went by peacefully and when they returned my six year old for the first time got engaged in a non picture story - the Green Knowe one. It's a major leap forward if I can read the same story to both of them, though it leaves youngest out of the loop, as she wriggles and squiggles on my lap, blocking my view of the book. This must be truly the only down-side of having more than two children, they all want to be right next to you to feel part of the story. Lacking any triangularity, with the best will in the world, I have only two sides to snuggle up to, which leaves my lap, thus my view of the book obscured by a mass of untidy curls. I'll have to check in with Chris to find out how she deals with the problem!

Anyway my son is definitely feeling more himself tonight, but I won't be sending him to school tomorrow, his temperature still isn't down to normal, and besides, I want to get on with our book!


  1. A speedy recovery to your boy! But enjoy the reading! I can't wait until Julia is old enough to not squirm!
    I'm mulling it over, which books to include; I will do the meme soon as I get it together!

  2. I hope he is feeling better, and that you can finish the book. I recall reading to my children with such fondess, reading your post made me feel that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.

  3. I am trying to teach my girls the merits of being "couch potatoes" once in awhile :)

  4. We are getting into "chapter books" as they are called in our house. My six and four year-olds are fascinated by the Rainbow Fairies series, but we have also read loads of Roald Dahl, the Little House on the Prairie books and, my favourite, JM Barrie's Peter Pan. Luckily Ollie doesn't want to listen yet, otherwise I would have the same problem as you ...

  5. Hope your son returns to full health soon. Those cuddle times on the couch with good books and warm little curled heads are the best years...although exhausting and worrisome, the bonding is wonderful. Hope you all stay well as you move into spring and summer.xxoo


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