Friday, August 04, 2006

Signs of Spring

The first blossoms are out on our tiny almond tree, sparkling with rain drops.

There is a whisper of spring in the air, with sprinklings of our snowy white daisies appearing in the sand and grass. Later they will become carpets, too thick to avoid treading on them.

Arum lilies are blooming (they grow in the ditches at the side of the roads here - I couldn't believe it when I first came from London and saw a hundred quid's worth of choice blooms just there at the side of the tarmac, mine for the picking!).

I have completely missed the boat with pruning our ornamental vine. I’ve been waiting for the last scarlet leaves to drop, before setting to and reducing its volume by half. Today I looked at it and saw the first buds breaking into leaf already. A mad frenzy of gentle trimming of loose ends ensued, like untangling knitting - a patient puzzle process. Any time I cut too close to a burgeoning bud a drop of watery sap welled out of the cut like a tear, making me feel guilty for spilling such vibrant life force.

For now though, warm sun is followed by squally showers, floods and cold nights to remind us that August is actually still winter and hot water bottles are required for a while longer.


  1. Exquisite! I can almost smell their fragrances. Your flower gallery is just and poetry in and of itself....

  2. What a beautiful picture. You write so lovely. Just found you and now I must catch up!!


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