Saturday, February 03, 2007

10 Things I like beginning with N

This latest meme comes from Charlotte, who had the letter L, Kerryn got M so I helped myself to N a nice, nebulous theme for a post when monumental change is all about.

Nasturtiums – I’ve always loved these bright cheerful flowers. When we were kids we used to suck the nectar from the flowers. Here in South Africa there are places that they grow rampaging in glorious profusion. Our soil doesn’t suit them so well but I usually have enough for little posies on the table all winter. Their leaves are a source of natural antibiotic too, so you can eat a couple with their peppery flavour if you are going down with a sore throat or other lurgy.

Naartjies – In south Africa all satsumas, clementines, tangerines go under the name Naartjie. In winter we get huge bags of them very cheaply as they grow here – plenty of vitamin C to keep us all going.

Night-time so I can sleep

The Net so I can blog

Numerology – I’ve been learning about numerology, what the numbers mean, how to read charts, a bit like in astrology and how to look into the future. I still have a lot to learn about interpreting though – intuition has to be harnessed as well as the numbers to get any true meaning.

Noah’s Ark – we have a lovely wooden Noah’s Ark with brightly painted wooden animals that is one of my favourite children’s toys – it has lasted through all three but unfortunately Mrs Noah went off a long time ago, leaving Noah to cope with all the animals himself.

Novels – my escapist drug of choice. Recently the kids have been experimenting with the words addicted and allergic and using them interchangeably. Then they worked out that addicted was for things you love – so youngest is going around saying that she is addicted to her unicorn. I explained that addicted is for something that you can’t help wanting all the time and that you feel bad if you don’t have it..well that just about sums up my relationship to novels...good ones of course!

Natural Medicine – we try to use homeopathy, as much as we can for all the family ailments. We’ve just started going to a classical homeopath who sorted out an incipient urinary tract infection in youngest, and saved us from having to use antibiotics. We try to reserve antibiotics for emergencies as they take their toll on the immune system even as they blast the bacteria they are targetting. Homeopathy when correctly prescribed seems to rebalance the whole system effectively and without any side-effects.

Nemesis – “that Greek fellow who creeps up behind you and puts you in the basket” this masterly definition is one of my favourite quotes from Georgette Heyer.

New books there is nothing like the pristine pages of a new book as you flick through prior to savouring a new story by a favourite author. New beginnings – well 'like' isn’t the right word, but new beginnings are sweeping us up and we are beginning to feel a spirit of adventure and following our destiny sparking through the sense of loss and upheaval.


  1. Those are some good N words, to be sure! This was fun!

  2. I like your "N" word list Kit...and I have always liked the word nemises for some reason. xxxooo

  3. I feel just the same about novels. If I ever finish a current read and there aren't new ones to hand, I am in a panic. Luckily, since daughter and I share, I usually have a good stash waiting. Enjoy your Blog.
    Mama Bear


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