Friday, February 16, 2007

Whirlwind Weeks

The last few weeks have been fairly hectic and I haven't been keeping up with my real life on my blog. There are about ten million things (exaggeration? maybe slightly but it doesn't feel like it!) that I haven't had time to write about coherently - and I don't know where to start. Maybe you'll let me off with just one sentence per thing, in note form, before I have to go and bake for my mother-in-law's 85th birthday lunch tomorrow..we're down to 45 people expected, including the children.

The property development saga: rezoning hasn't been passed for our municipality yet, so nothing will happen for six months or so, but we are dreaming of finding a beautiful farm in a new area further away from Cape Town.

Teaching: any teachers out there, you have my unmitigated respect. After a couple of weeks, just helping out taking a few lessons, I'm feeling not a little frazzled, frequently invisible and wondering how all those real teachers do it!
Two of our school's six teachers, who are Canadian and here from the goodness of their hearts to give expertise, skills, training and plain wonderful teaching to our little school and its children, had their visa renewal denied on a technicality and have spent the last few weeks appealing - this meant that they were not allowed to set foot on school premises under threat of deportation and the remaining teachers have been stretched to the limit, hence my unskilled help being in demand. We heard yesterday that they have now got their permit so will be back at school on Monday - a huge sigh of relief all son included who is missing his teacher. SA Home Affairs department has got a long way to go on attracting skilled people to South Africa.

Oscars: No I didn't get the maths teacher role in the commercial that I casted for, but I was the Director's first choice, apparently the casting director disagreed, couldn't really see myself at the Oscars anyway!

I'm doing all day Sunday workshops with our friend numerologist, art therapist and psychic, learning about her various therapy and healing tools - there is a great group of women on the course and we are all having to go through the therapy to learn it, so it is very intense.
It also means that I find myself back at Monday again, without having had any weekend chill time, as my husband has long Saturday meetings for his work at the moment - we're waving at each other like ships passing in the night.

Kindergarten: I took youngest along to kindergarten this week, for one day and stayed there the whole morning with her. She was very pleased with herself for making some new friends of her own, but not quite confident enough spend time there without me the next day. I'm going to have another go after next week, when things have settled down a bit more at the new kindergarten building.

P.S. Apologies to all of you with Wordpress blogs, I can't comment at the moment so all my words and witticisms are disappearing into a black hole in the Web - I'm still reading and enjoying your posts though, consider me there in spirit.
P.P.S. Charlotte very kindly nominated me in the South African Blog Awards, so I've put a widget on my sidebar - they only have begging "Nominate Me" ones available - I'll look out for "Vote for Me" ones later! Charlotte, I've returned the favour and nominated you for the South African Overseas blog too.


  1. Thanks for the round-up of your news. I'm relieved to hear the development has been put off for a few months - it will give you time to breath and look around. Thanks also for the nomination!

    For some reason, your comments have been landing in my spam. I've rescued some but not all. Looking forward to being communicado again ...

  2. I enjoy reading about like in South Africa.
    I have trouble with posting comments as well. On yours, I have to hod the control key down to keep Blogger from blocking the pop up window.
    Mama Bear

  3. Just thought you'd like to know that your comments have turned up again ... I liked the one about Princess Anne!


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