Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mosquito Frenzy

Today I have been sewing sequins onto our mozzy nets. Not just to make them look pretty, but in a last ditch attempt to patch up every single last tiny hole or ladder that could permit entry to the desperate breed of mosquitoes that have just taken up residence here.

We’ve had these nets ever since we got here seven years ago now. It is dry where we live, so usually we only have a few mozzies around, but even just one buzzing in your ear is enough to ruin a night’s sleep, so we tend to sleep under them anyway. The children like the security of them and choose to sleep under them even in winter, when never a mosquito dare brave the chill. At least, there was one point when Middle Daughter, aged about three or four, refused to have the net put over her at bed-time. Our son, an Animal Planet devotee, then casually enquired how exactly it was that female mosquitoes could kill you … she reached for the net without another murmur and has slept under it ever since!

Anyway these nets are now well-worn and patched, with multiple little ladders where the fabric has caught on Velcro or bed posts or something. Our usual run of mosquitoes aren’t really very cunning and have never found their way in. I have been able to hear a buzz behind my head and go back to sleep, knowing that it can’t catch me from that side of the net.

Not so this latest mozzie gang. They are masters of the break in, veterans of the smash and grab. I’ve sewn up the big holes, tucked in the nets and still woken up to the jeer of a well fed female mosquito as she buzzes away from my hand. They lurk all day at the top of the net, just waiting for you to come back to bed. I’ve upped the stakes and used a mosquito repellant on us. The overhead fan whirs all night long. They don’t care. The last few nights I have been found at midnight leaping around on the bed, trying to squash the latest mozzie that is just out of reach at the top of the net …and then again at four o’clock. They’re fierce and persistent this lot. Youngest has also been plagued, coming to ask Dad to catch mozzies at midnight too.

So lots more sequins have been sewn on today and she is now firmly tucked in. We all need our sleep and have donated quite enough blood already. The nets are nearly as pretty as the Christmas tree by now and I’ve had enough of trying to thread needles when I can no longer even see the eye... must get some new glasses. Now I'm off to find the antihistamine cream - they've been chomping my ankles as I've been writing this!


  1. for a minute i thought the title was mojito frenzy... that would have been much more pleasant! i am terrible with mojitos, only topped by my youngest. now that he sleeps in our room when we're on hols, it's him who they attack, pretty much leaving me alone.
    i heard that you can sort of prepare your body in advance of the mosquito season (or travelling) so you won't be as badly affected - with homeopathy. i have not tried it yet (and no hols planned soon, alas), but i will try and forward you the exact dosages etc. when they have bitten, LEDUM and HYPERICUM (relieving the itch) can be good remedies... let me know if you want more info!

  2. Sequins...clever!

    We had mozzy problems at our cow camp in the mountains. I would hate going to sleep, only to be awoken by that high pitched whine...ugh. I could've used a net :)

  3. I was eaten alive 2 nights ago. I must have the sweetest blood in the country, because I think I had the entire SA mosquito population buzzing around me, and not one touched hubby!


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