Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rambling Mouse

Some of our sloping ceilings are lined with thatching reeds, which gives them a warm feel as well as helping with insulation. Sometimes though they are a bit too natural... as when just now a vigorous rustling came from overhead, forging a path upwards and then a sudden plop, as a fat little mouse fell 15 feet to the floor by my desk, through the gap at the top of the reeds. He looked surprised for a moment, then carried on along the floor and headed round the corner into the bathroom, as our cat looked on impassively, with hardly a whisker twitching. So I guess the mouse is now having a change of scene under the bathroom floor, reveling in the fact that the cat is apparently on vacation. Said cat is now sitting as close to the keyboard as he possibly can, practically on top of the virtual mouse, tail flicking with barely suppressed impatience, as it is almost time for his supper. Perhaps he was worried that the mouse would spoil his appetite?


  1. Aggggggghhhhhhhhh!

    We had a mouse in the pantry last ATE my secret stash of chocolate!

  2. In the ultimate demonstration of cat complacency, one of my cats actually watched a mouse come out from behind the dishwasher, go to the cat dish, eat some of the food, and then, return to behind the cabinets.

  3. Your cat is no good as a mouser I'm afraid.

  4. LOL! I think you should dock your cat's pay! Our neighbour's cat was snoozing in our guest room one day when I heard him jump off the bed and mnutes later he appeared at the bottom of the stairs with a mouse in his mouth. I let him out with a pat on the head to go and enjoy his trophy and tried not to think too hard where the mouse had been living in my bedrooms!!


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