Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bring on the Garden Gnomes

What is the opposite of green-fingered? I had some flourishing nasturtiums growing in pots outside our door. They'd just got to the abundant flowering stage and were looking really bright and cheerful, when I noticed they were covered in blackfly, which were killing off all the new buds. My sister-in-law suggested spraying with soapy water.

I think I overdid it. Or else dishwashing liquid is the wrong sort of soapy water. Instead of green but bug-ridden flowering plants, I now have dessicated looking leaves that are ghosts of their former selves and poor faded looking blooms.

The silver lining is that the bulbs in the pots with them might now have a chance of enough air and sunshine to flower. They were completely drowned in a sea of saucer- sized nasturtium leaves before. I’m afraid I haven’t inherited my grandmother’s gardening gene after all!

I'm not going to show you a picture of what they look like now... it's too depressing!


  1. oh. sorry. I do love nasturtiums. We always had them growing out by the back door when I was growing up, so cheery looking.

  2. Oh oh, I'm of no help laurel bushes got some kind of weird bug and we ended up cutting them way back.

  3. Hey, live and learn! It's the joys and sorrows of gardening that keep it interesting. Some home remedies work, some don't. And some work on one plant, but not another. Makes me glad I'm a gardener, not a nurse!

    I do find that keeping a garden journal helps me chart my progress, and remember what did and didn't work.


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