Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cooksister’s Braai the Beloved Country event

I’m mulling ideas for a post to enter into Cooksister’s Braai the Beloved Country event. It’s held to celebrate National Braai Day on 24th September and your entry can be anything braai – meat, fish, veggies, potjie, and so on. The only rule is that it must be cooked over an open fire... otherwise it’s not a braai, is it!

It’s all too easy to fall into the same old favourites with our family braais. Everyone loves lamb chops, spicy chicken wings, boerewors, so it’s a challenge to think up something new that will compete for the family affections, but I’m pondering, despite the rain outside that doesn’t really inspire me to shift my cooking activities outdoors.There's the stick bread that we made a little while back but I was thinking of something slightly more fragrant, meaty and sizzling....

Meantime I’m still hoping to win a whole lamb from the National Braai Day giveaway on Facebook – I quite fancy the idea of cooking a whole leg of lamb in a potjie and having an endless supply of chops stashed away in the freezer for summer braais.

If you are in the mood for braaiing check out the rules on Cooksister and post by 23rd September to be included in the roundup. Mmm the smell of woodsmoke and gently sizzling meat - enticing!


  1. Yah.... especially for us paleo eaters! Sizzling meat = LIFE. Deeeeeelicious!

    Off to google "potjie". I love new words!

  2. Hi Marcheline! Potjie (pronounced poy-key) is a South African stew cooked over coals. It can be anything from meat to fish or veggies. There are special cast iron pots. There is a whole technique involved in the cooking - in many cases building up layers in the pot and not stirring, just letting it all cook in its own juices. I haven't quite learned the skill yet, but am working on it!


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