Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Art

When summer makes a come-back and a Sunday afternoon is too hot to handle, heading for the beach seems a good idea. There the breeze is cool, the water numbingly chilly, sun warm but not uncomfortable. This time we hear the surf rumbling from the dunes before we even reach the beach. The tranquil mood of our birthday beach party is forgotten, an edgy restlessness takes its place. The waves are frothy and hurry in on each others' heels, pushing each other at an angle down the beach, with a fierce rip.

The kids play in the water for a while and then get creative on the sand... with a horse theme of course.

His name is of course Blaze.

And then a sneaky wave rushes in, blurring sharp edges.

A circle in the sand defining a territory. The power of a line on the sand is enough to deflect walkers –  two ladies power walking headed directly for the centre on their line down the beach, but took not one step into the circle, slowing and stepping around the perimeter, as if a magic wall repels all invaders.

The girls retire up the beach to begin another horse artwork.

And then it’s home again to find the heat still engulfing our farm, the early promise of Autumn beaten back by a summer that still has some reserves up its sleeve.


  1. I am so jealous of you on the beach at the Cape!!! I also used to draw hoses on everything I could. I hope I can get back to my easel one day and start drawing again. Take care Diane

  2. Reminds me so much of my childhood on the north shore of Long Island... I can still feel the sand under my feet.

  3. Lyrical writing and wonderful memories. Although we live by the beach we often forget to go. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy!

  4. Wow--looks like lots of fun! We are certainly missing the beach out here after months of winter weather.


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