Monday, August 13, 2007

Spring Decorating

It's time to brighten up my blog with a little colour today, in honour of the spring. Never mind that a cold front is bringing in more rain today and snow is forecast on the mountains for Wednesday - yesterday it was definitely spring.

After cooking Sunday lunch for family and friends, I drifted around outside in the sunshine and light breeze, photographing the new spring flowers. I've got some lovely, soft, flower images for A Flower Gallery, which I'll put up once I've played with them a bit, but here is one especially for my blog, showing the delicate pastel colours of the pypie, a wild South African gladioli, with our straw bale house in the background.


Another splash of colour comes from Planet Nomad, as edj kindly passed me on one of these:

I know that some of you have got them already, and some of you are on holiday frolicking in the mountains or on beaches but I'd like to pass one on anyway to
Jenny at Prairie Farmeress, Charlotte at Charlottes Web, Jeanne at Cooksister and Meredith at Poppy Fields who all rock!


  1. What a lovely flower!!! Spring how wondreful!!!! It is a hot, hot summer day here.

  2. Thank you for the award Kit! You ROCK sweetie and so do your beautiful flowers! Breathtaking! :)

  3. YAY! Can't tell you how much I've been hoping to get one of these. I feel as if the cool chicks have just invited me to join their posse. Thanks, Kit. Love the South African flowers too. You must be thrilled by the signs of spring.


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