Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flower Fairies on Hot Days

On hot days flower fairies make rose petal ice cubes to float in their spring water spritzers.

My girls made several ice cube trays of flower fairy ice cubes, back in January, while the roses were in bloom. One or two petals per cube, water poured over and frozen. They stayed in the freezer for ages, almost forgotten until this last run of hot weather sent me looking for cool inspiration. We got out the fairy ice cubes for lunch one day, one per person. And I couldn’t believe how much flavour one petal gave to the glass of water. It was delicious, like sipping fairy nectar!

The nasturtium flower cubes of course had a slightly peppery flavour, but were still good and refreshing. Anything that brings fresh flavour into the doldrums of hot summer lunches has to be good. Next summer when the roses bloom I’ll be buying more ice trays. I can’t help thinking how gorgeous they’d look in a big, tall, clear, glass jug of water. I wonder if the girls are still going to want flower fairy birthday parties – it would be such a perfect showing off touch for the tea table!

We’ve finished all the flower cubes now. Just have to wait for spring now or think of some other edible winter flowers to freeze. Can you think of any other edible flowers that would work?


  1. What a "funtastaic" idea. Of course, Mint immediately springs to mind and I love to have mint ice with my glass of coca cola on a hot day. Little slices of lemon also do well. Mint also goes well with ice tea.

  2. Violets? That is very nice idea. I'm going to share that with my sister'll love it. I always chop the basil up and freeze it in ice cubes trays with a bit of water. Then you can just toss a cube into your spegetti sauce for fresh basil flavor.

  3. I feel cooler just looking at this!

  4. thanks for the inspiration Kit!
    What a great idea with the basil too :)

  5. That is SUCH a pretty idea....makes me think of Pimms!


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