Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Is it possible to traverse the world finding mothers who blog in 80 clicks? Do mothers raising children in different places have different perspectives? Catherine at Her Bad Mother teamed up with her friend David to find out. She listed 5 things she enjoys about motherhood, linked to 5 other mom-blogs, and threw out the challenge...I copied this paragraph from Poppy Fields who tagged me and had copied it herself from Planet Nomad's post about this meme.

Five things I enjoy about motherhood:

1. Having children brings the wonder back into your life – they are there to share the joys of rainbows, sunsets, moonrises and funny looking bits of wood that may or may not resemble a penguin.

2. They are a reason to decorate at Christmas, invent festivals, make a fuss of birthdays and have a Sunday lunch at every opportunity, even on a Monday.

3. Children are the fast track to personal development. Until I had kids I thought I was a calm, organized, logical person. Now I know that was just an illusion and am coming to terms with being a flawed human being.

4. Children anchor you and connect you to a place. Without children you can easily drift in and out of places without putting down roots. Children make a shy person brave. When you move to a new place you’ll introduce yourself to any likely looking mother with kids the same age on the slightest pretext and wangle a play-date, just to get your kids into the social fray.

5. I love having a house full of bright sunny drawings with I Love You Mum or I Love You Dad on the back.

That’s five things already and I didn’t even get round to kids giving you an excuse to bake cakes and re-read favourite children’s stories and have loads of hugs and all the rest. And when I started this post I also meant to include that I love hearing almost the entire lyrics to Jesus Christ Superstar being bawled out dissonantly from the shower by Son and Middle Daughter in chorus.

To help send this around the world I’m now tagging two bloggers at home and three overseas: Homemade Heaven (SA), Charlotte’s Web (Germany), Diary of Domestic Hiss (UK), Twaddle and Twak (SA), Comfort Food (Australia)

If you then comment back at the original post you will be included in the round-up here.


  1. beautifully written, these lines almost made me weep. off to find little one (the only one who still graces me with his presence in the mornings) to give him a big hug ;-)

  2. Hi Kit,

    this is an interesting meme. I'll give it a go. I agree with all of your points and particularly loved your insights about parenting as personal development. How true and enlightening it is to accept oneself as flawed. You can love so much better this way.

  3. I agree with all of these, especially number 4. Without kids, it's a lot harder to integrate into a community. With them, it's almost impossible not to. They're like a passport to instant friends -- or at the very least, acquaintances who all have that one important thing in common.

    Our eldest used to walk around the house singing Peter Tosh's 'Downpressor Man' when she was two. She's starting university in September... I can't hear Downpressor Man now without smiling.

  4. Hello from India!

    I love the way you've written about your 'mamma loves'. Truly, once one starts it's pretty difficult to stop.

    What a universal bond this glue called 'motherhood' is. I really love this tag!


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