Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eggs Excess

Bright early morning sunshine blinds the egg-hunters, as they line up on the stoep, armed with empty baskets to collect the Easter bunny's bounty. We managed to hold them off till 8 o'clock by letting them watch The Knight's Tale, which was enthralling enough to allow the Easter Bunny to hop around outside undetected.

We egg-celled ourselves this year with an over abundance of eggs. The Easter Bunny must have been staggering under the load of chocolate he brought to our farm. I don’t know how he made it up our drive, I really don’t.

We had friends staying so for the first time it wasn’t just our three kids hunting for eggs early on Easter morning, but a posse of five children armed with baskets. Living on a farm with two doting aunts, the kids know that after they’ve checked round our house for eggs they need to pay a visit , more like a mine-sweeping mission, to the other three houses, where the Easter Bunny will have hopped with a lavish generosity of egg distribution.

The addition of two more children proved too much for the bunny deputies who, fearful of a shortage, had more than doubled the egg provisions. So baskets had to be supplemented by plastic bags, as they were full to overflowing. The hunt lasted a full hour, by which time the adult camp followers were gasping for a cup of tea and some breakfast and the sun was getting warm! We now have enough chocolate to last till Christmas!

Back at the house our son initiated an egg audit, to make sure that everyone had fair shares. His remarkable grip of numbers had lasted until halfway through the hunt but then he lost count of who had what, so a check ensued, with everyone declaring their goods and divvying up any extras.

Beware - this is what happens if you have four Easter Bunnies providing the chocolate ... one child's haul!


  1. It looks like they had a lot of fun! Our little ones Easter baskets are still overflowing even with us snaffling an egg or two!

  2. WOW - That was one busy Easter bunny!

  3. you're not kidding Kit. But I love excess, so Fab! I say. Bring on the chocolate.

  4. Kit, sorry. The deli number is 021 788 3337. Or my email is africanvanielje at vanielje dot com

  5. Good heavens! The Easter bunny was even more diligent over at your place than he was for my 2 nephews at Cape St Francis! Busy, busy bunny. My youngest newphew (aged 2y4m) had already inhaled his first HUGE Easter egg before breakfast, so the day was spent on somewhat of a sugar-high!!


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