Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inklings of Spring

This morning I emerged from a fug of computer induced wordiness and went outside for a breath of air and to pick some grass for the guinea-pig and rabbit. I discovered that while I was working in the blinkers of cyberspace, the seasons in the outside world have crept up on me again.

Here I was thinking we were in the middle of winter – winter holidays just finished, log fires in the evening and the children’s winter ambition of driving to the mountains to see some snow still unrealized.

Outside I go in between showers of rain and find that spring has sneaked in and started to re-decorate. The orange of winter is still there in the aloe flowers and golden shower, where the sunbirds still joyfully gorge themselves on nectar, but spring prefers all shades of white and has scattered confetti as she goes.

The almond blossom, delicate blooms that are yet intrepid enough to emerge with the snowdrops, has broken out overnight. A jasmine’s starry flowers scent the path to our front door with opulent perfume.

And the bulbs we planted hardly any weeks ago have already emerged triumphantly and revealed themselves as pale multi-flowered narcissi, towering over the few lowly snowdrops that feel out of place and a long way from home. Even our spring spread of white daisies has sent out a few scouts to see if the time is ripe to roll out the carpet and dazzle us with reflected sunlight.

I hope they’ll hold off a bit longer. Mid July is too early for spring. Hold your breath I want to shout, it’s still winter, even here we might have a rare frost to nip these confident blossoms in the bud. But they know better and the spring roll call of flowers is ushering more and more blooms into the landscape. Even a few pypies (pronounced pay-pees) have been spotted in flower a month too soon.


  1. We are so in the middle of summer here that I can't imagine your spring coming already.

  2. We are supposed to be in summer in Canada... and I'm still looking forward to it. I love your flower pics!

  3. I can see the difference when I run in the morning - the sun says "hello" just that little bit earlier now!

  4. What a beautiful post - even if there were no pictures! I could smell the flowers just from reading your words.

    Now, off to Google "pypies" and find out a) what they look like and b) how to say it (PIPE-eez? Pie-pies?)


  5. Marcheline - it is pronounced pay-pee the afrikaans name for the wild gladioli we have here.

    Here is a link to a photo of one on my blog from a couple of years ago

  6. Aww, the golden shower... that reminds me of home. My dad has a huge golden shower on a pergola over the front door and I love its profusion of bright flowers.


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