Sunday, October 04, 2009

When Spring Turns To Summer

Signs that spring is surging on towards summer:

Last week the yellow daisies swathed the sand in thick blankets. A few days of warm sunny weather have dried them out and the golden carpets have faded away to dry stalks that rattle as you brush past.

Balmy evenings with glowing pink sunsets tempt you outside, just when it is time to cook supper.

The first braai of the season happened last night, instead of last week when it was National Braai Day. The master of the braai is almost completely recovered from an unidentified virus that laid him low for two whole weeks, and was able to resume his duties and do a fine job of cooking the chicken wings, chops and boerewors.

The watsonis are tall and stately and coming into full bloom to replace the fading daisies, as a last splash of colour before summer bleaches us to pale straw once more.

The first swim of the season officially took place on Friday, when the girls took the plunge after a warm day had taken the edge off the chill of the water. They had to be dragged out protesting, because we were being eaten alive by the miggies (midges). Their brother deigned to join them the next day once they'd checked it out.

The lawn has been mown for the first time this spring, but this intrepid self-sown gazania was spared.

The last term of the school year starts on Tuesday, but we're looking forward to a summer of braais and swimming, even though today a cool wind and misty morning made a Sunday roast more than welcome and had us reaching for our fleeces again.


  1. So funny to see you taking the first swim of the season just as we are contemplating turning on the central heating at night... I can almost smell that braai!

  2. I'm with Jeanne... we're just figuring out where we stashed our fleeces, the nights are getting longer and colder, and the leaves are starting to turn colors. October is my favorite month of the year for all those reasons.

    Enjoy your summery October! Save me some roast!

  3. Just discovered your blog and love it! I also have fallen in love with SA and am hoping to buy a farm in the WC (and was just there looking at places last week). It's really the kind of place that you can very easily fall in love with!


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