Friday, October 22, 2010

Herb Garden Growing

Has anyone seen my creativity?

I was sure I had it somewhere around here a while back...

Unless I buried it all in the herb garden and it still hasn’t sprouted.

Everything else is sprouting nicely. My rocket is ready to pick already and I’ve got some recognizable parsley and coriander coming up in not very neat rows. There is still a thrill in planting little tiny seeds and seeing them transform into real plants.

Which I will soon be able to pick. And use unstintingly in my cooking. It is however a lesson in patience. Each day I go out there and wonder whether I can just pinch one little leaf to put in a salad. And contain myself and wait.

Luckily some of the other  herbs I planted as bigger plants have settled in nicely.

I’ve been dosing my cold with lemon thyme tea, pinching sprigs of tea tree for gentle inhalation for the kids’ colds, taking a leaf of sage to go with thyme, lemon, honey and ginger for coughs and using the lemon balm/melissa in a soothing tea too.

There is plenty of oregano for tomato sauces and the stevia is getting big enough to try it out as a natural sweetener in cooking. I’ll let you know when I start experimenting.

The catnip is bushing out wildly, unmolested by the cats, who went mad over it and rolled it half to death when I first put it in. The fennel and chamomile have gone crazy and my established rosemary plant looks like an alarmed hedgehog with all its new spring growth.

And the new mulberries are ripening. We’ve been feasting straight from the tree a few berries at a time, but next year, moles allowing, there’ll be enough for berry muffins and summer pudding again.

It’s a growing patch full of wonderful energy, goodness and vitality.

I have a moon calendar on the wall and decided to go the whole way towards biodynamic gardening, planting by the moon, not just when it is waxing but in the most propitious astrological sign too. I know there is a lot more involved than that but am learning a little at a time.

There are a few rose quartz crystals tucked into beds and I’ve been moving them around nearer to any plants that seem to be struggling.

This little basil plant is lagging way behind its siblings, but is looking a little greener on top since yesterday when the quartz joined it... so maybe it really is working!

Even the grass, which is growing all over the garden from the compost we mixed in, has been useful. Whenever the children’s rabbits and guinea pig need feeding I go and weed a handful of grass for them. They convert it almost instantly back to compost!

I'm loving this whole sustainable cycle. Loving the fact that I can pick fresh herbs for teas as natural remedies for all sorts of ailments. Loving the fact that there are all those flavours growing just outside my kitchen.

Soon , soon, soon I’ll be able to try all those recipes that demand bunches of fresh coriander and parsley. Can’t wait.


  1. Your herb garden looks great. I need ti figure out a way to keep the snails away from mine next year. I tried shells and an organic lava rock repellent, but that didn't work. maybe I will get a real hedgehog...I heard that they love snails.

  2. Ducks love snails too, Meredith, so you could get a pair of them!

  3. Growing a garden is hugely creative! Well done to you - it looks beautiful and I'm sure you're loving being able to use your own produce.

    I recently had a mint tea with made with fresh mint and it was possibly the most delicious thing I have ever drunk in my entire life. Do you have mint? I know it's an invader and needs to be in a standalone pot or bed.

  4. Thanks, Charlotte. I do have mint, some in a pot and some apple mint in a corner where I hope it won't invade too much.
    I made some lovely mint tea with a few sprigs of mint and a oouple of stevia leaves. THe combination is supposed to be really good to clear cold sores, but it tastes delicious too.

  5. wow! this looks great! it'll beat the one of manoir au quatr' saisons when it is established! x

  6. Oh, Kit - it's SO lovely!!! Congratulations, and happy gardening/cooking! I am wicked thirsty for some iced tea just now, thanks to you...


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