Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tinsel Alert

I received my first Christmas card today.

I know it’s still September – who is thinking about Christmas, apart from over-zealous sales teams and really super organized people (that is for my mother who I know is already preparing to come out and visit us this Christmas and so has started shopping already!)

My eight year-old daughter – that’s who. She has started producing a nice line of Christmas cards, with added decorations and notes.

I promised to find them envelopes (Youngest was creating her birthday invitations at the same time) but promptly forgot about it. This proved to be a perfect example of the benefits of idle parenting, because they then made their own beautifully decorated envelopes. Our paper supply is rapidly dwindling …


  1. I just love that! My kiddos make me wonderful Valentine's Day cards and Christmas cards year-round too!

  2. I know! i can't keep my kids in paper.
    Those are really cute cards.

  3. It's never to early for a child. My little one is already writing a letter to Santa.

  4. Kids art! Nothing could be finer! I so enjoyed reading about your life and weather in South Africa, here in Minnesota we are just headed into fall with Winter looming on the horizon. I will be back to read you again! :)


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