Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a wonderful and joyful Christmas time!

This picture sums up a summer Christmas for me. A miniscule smidgen of cake consumed alongside copious slices of watermelon for a late tea, followed by a gentle stroll around the farm just after the sun had gone down. It was cool enough to have a hot Christmas lunch with roast potatoes, bread sauce and the whole caboodle, so we indulged mightily until we could scarcely move. I'm happy to say that we managed to make more inroads into the cake this morning, with the help of visiting family, and are dealing well with the leftovers.

The fridge should be nice and empty by the time we go off on holiday on Sunday. A week away at a house in Knysna, near beaches, lagoons and boats and more family... then two days on safari, for our first time ever, all courtesy of my mother who is staying with us now. We have to pack lightly with six of us in the car, but I'm going to find room for some of the art materials that I got for Christmas and have a play with paints and pastels.

The children got Twister for Christmas and so are now in a tangled heap on the ground, amid constructions of 'Planx' (another present that Dad has also been enjoying), and wearing sparkly princess jewels and dresses (not Dad though).

The star on top of the Christmas tree is bowing lower as the tree wilts slightly in the dry air. We'll leave it up when we go and come back to a needleless tree skeleton probably, but it would be too sad to take it down so soon. We get back on the 6th, so it will be the first thing we do when we come home, putting away the decorations and sweeping every last needle out of the house on the last day of Christmas.

In case I don't get back to my blog before then I'll say Happy New Year now too. May it be peaceful, prosperous and full of happy surprises!


  1. A belated Happy Christmas to you and yours...and wishes for a bright, shiny New Year! :)

  2. happy christmas and happy new year, kit! needless to say that the sight of watermelon doesn't necessarily evoke a christmassy feeling in MY little world... but i did something very out of the ordinary this year by making my own christmas pudding - i even shared it with jeanne and nick who came by for a boxing day leftovers extravganza... hope you have a great 2009 and hope we can soon meet!

  3. Happy Christmas....and have a lovely evening tonight..
    Happy New Year!

    I love the cake and watermelon...very continental!!

    Would you take a peek at -
    I'm not sure the recipe is very clear to anyone other than me!

    All love

  4. Hi Kit, what a beautifu- looking cake! I hope you've enjoyed your swimming holiday and safari.

  5. What a lovely Christmas cake (although I'd probably have gone for the watermelon!). Glad you had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2009 :)

  6. Christmas without watermelon is like summer without the sun! I always eat too much - but then can you really eat too much watermelon?

  7. Happy Holidays and blessed 2009... albeit late Kit! Your cake and watermelon make my mouth water. Love your big, natural Christmas tree and the tiny dollhouse trees. I look forward to seeing your art 'play' soon! How lovely to recieve a paint/pastel kit for Christmas! I know you have the talent and creative spark for art, as your writing and photography bespeak of a creative soul. YOU GO GIRL! I'll look forward to seeing some of your art work soon... :)


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