Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Tomorrow is Earth Day. In an event called Earth Hour, millions of people and organizations are going to be turning off their lights at 8.30pm local time for an hour, to make a gesture towards awareness of energy use, global warming and saving the planet. Major monuments like Table Moutain and the Pyramids are going to be turning off their spotlights for an hour and thousands of communities and organizations are joining in.

We only heard about it this week but are all going to join in, have a candlelit evening and sit outside looking at the stars shining even more brightly with less light pollution out there. Yes, we do get light pollution, even here 50 km from Cape Town there is a dirty orange glow on the horizon.

Middle Daughter was really excited about the idea, even though we get plenty of candlelit evenings courtesy of Eskom, who are doing their bit towards saving the planet by inadvertantly giving us compulsory energy saving hours on a regular basis. When she heard it would be after her bed-time she was disappointed, so maybe we'll have to start earlier and read a story by candlelight tomorrow evening.

I'm excited about the amazing energy (sustainable of course!) this will put out into the universe, if everyone is part of it.

Are you going to join in too? Sign up if you haven't already.

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