Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In Our Back Garden

Unicorns frolic in a flowery bower

Horses prance and toss their manes

Leopards pace and the lion lies down with the lamb

A hippo wallows in a watering hole

A girl waits patiently to go fishing

Cows graze peacefully in the evening sunshine.

A few mishaps mar the idyll...

Indian Jones tried one stunt too many

And the Italian Job did too good a job money laundering and jackknifed their lorry.

But overall tis a peaceful scene

Just a shame that the camel didn’t live to see it.

Vignettes photographed in my herb garden after Youngest had spent the afternoon out there.


  1. It appears that HUGE fun was had! But did any of your herbs survive?

  2. Luckily my herb garden has been trashed by moles so often that only the toughest survive! Our soil is also pretty much pure sand too, so the 'paths' can be dug up with great ease. It gives landscaping a new meaning!

  3. My mom still finds fairies in the flowerbeds and legomen in the rockgarden (some several years old).

  4. OH, I love this...memories of my girls' childhood playing with their barbies, ponies, various plastic action figures and all their imagination involved.


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