Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion Alert

I now know I’m beyond the outer reaches of fashion here on our farm. The first I’d heard of Uggs was when Inge mentioned them replacing Manolos, now it’s winter, on the feet of those Cape Town trendsetters patronizing her new deli in Kalk Bay. Spoken in the same breath as Manolos, I knew they must be the height of chic, but it wasn’t till I got an e-mail offering a discount to my readers on an Australian brand of Uggs, that I got to see them up close and personal… and they do look great.

This is the kind of fashion I can cope with. High heels have long been retired to a plastic box, where I fondly keep the remnants of more glamorous days, even though my feet shudder in agony, if I even dip a toe into them. The girls now and then raid it and those super elegant black suede stilettos are fast dwindling into dressing up box accessories.

Uggs however are another matter. I can see myself living in them to keep my feet warm through chilly winter weather, as I sit at the computer with my circulation barely functioning. Farm fashion personified! If I get some I may even feel brave enough to hang out in a trendy Cape Town deli one day!

Getting the chance to pass on to you guys, my wonderful devoted readers, a discount on something that you might even want, is a first for me too! I feel cool and chic and part of the blogging in-crowd!

So if you want to keep your feet warm in a pair of utterly chic, A grade merino sheepskin boots, you can save yourselves $30 by typing FOODANDFAM into the cart at
Apparently the discount will work on the company's .com and .au sites too, but they ship worldwide anyway at a flat rate.

Let me know what they're like if you do get some - they could well be on my Christmas list!


  1. Those boots look great, and the only reason I'm not itching to buy them is because I'm sitting here, streaming sweat, in the heat of the day. As I fight off mosquitoes...In the winter, I'm going to remember these and kick myself. With my cold feet.

  2. I can imagine the thought of sheepskin being hot-making in the middle of summer, Mary!
    They didn't give me a time deadline on this offer, so you never know, it might still be valid for your winter if you really do want some then!


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