Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spring Blooms

I was toiling unenthusiastically at the computer this afternoon, when Middle Daughter sidled over tentatively and said she wanted to show me something. It took me no more than a second to abandon my screen in favour of distraction. She took me outside into the breezy spring day and opened my eyes to the new flowers that have bloomed overnight. Several of these pink pypies are blooming among the restios.

These bobbejaantjies ( pronounced bubiankies) have a delicate and elusive scent outside. The girls picked just one of them and put it in water on our kitchen table. Its fragrance mingled with the scent of guavas and I was suddenly transported to an exclusive Parisian perfumery that creates subtle and exotic signature notes for the rich and famous. If I could bottle it, I'd market it as the scent of spring in South Africa, a heady yet subtle blend of fruit and flowers.

Refreshed I returned to the computer, but not to my work. The flowers just had to be posted to blow away the remnants of stuffy flu from our house with a fresh spring breeze.

(Youngest is better now, but the weekend was a story of sunny days spent chained to the sofa and mopping fevered brows.)


  1. Those are definitely a nice distraction. I'm glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. Enjoy those sunny days.

  2. What beautiful pics! Dreaded sniffles have made their way into my house too! Hooray for the beginnings of spring!

  3. I'm so glad that she coaxed you out away from the computer into the wonders of a new spring day.....and thank you for sharing the images.

  4. Wow - thanks for sharing those pics! I think the booby-ankles are the prettiest thing I've seen all year.


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