Saturday, October 08, 2011

Spring Festival in Pictures

Two weeks have flown past since our spring festival, blurring memories so quickly, but the photos live to tell the tale. The spring theme is water and flowers - a bowl of water filled with flowers is the centrepiece of our circle.

Two friends were charged with decorating the circle, given a selection of jam jars, a pair of secateurs and free reign over the garden and wild flowers.

Little posies surrounded the circle, interspersed with brown paper candle bags to glow as darkness fell.

Other friends got creative with flower crowns, paper flowers, real flowers, raffia and anything else that imagination provided.

Mine was all lavender, perilously strung together in a raffia plait.

Another stalwart design friend, resisted out the onslaughts of miggies and pollen to create a fantastic archway to lead us into the sandpit.

And the kids provided the water feature, working hard on a castle that incorporated the hosepipe into its design.

Then at last, as the sun dipped below the horizon, we were finally ready to follow the river of light into the circle, taking a basket of fresh flowers and jugs of water to pour into the water bowl on the way.


  1. Oh, Kit... you and the flowers and your family are so beautiful! Those blossoms look like they're from another world... maybe under the sea... thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I watched long enough to get to the keeks ... have to say it would drive me demented too! Haven't watched a really old movie for a very long time - very funny!

  3. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful time you had celebrating!

    I am struck by the sandiness of the land.


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