Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just When You Thought Everything Had Been Harvested...

I guess it's leek and potato soup for our Autumn festival this weekend!

Just hoping that this little guy, who hangs out in my herb garden, won't eat all those little parsley seedlings before they get established. The beautiful row of healthy plants that I had last year all went to seed at the same time, so I'm really looking forward to an abundant supply of plants again, as long as there is enough time for them to grow before we run out of sunny weather!

In the meantime, I'm all out of parsley which is a terrible fix for a herb garden to be in. it will have to be marjoram and thyme in the soup this weekend instead!


  1. What beautiful still lives. I can't believe that the little guy can get through so much! Enjoy the soup. Made it last week, and stuck some lettuce and peas in for good measure. K xx

  2. After those pictures of all that abundant produce, and then seeing the turtle, I was afraid you were going to say "leek and turtle soup"! HA! He's so cute! What's his name?

  3. Sounds good, Kaya!
    @ Marcheline - there are so many of these little wild tortoises here that I haven't named him yet, though as he does now seem to have adopted the herb garden as his territory he may yet get christened. Not planning on using him as a soup ingredient though, unless he eats all my parsley, that is!

  4. I love the photos, the light is truly special and there's a wonderful atmosphere of restrained abundance! Brava!


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