Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Food Bloggers Indaba 2012

Charity auction for Lavender in Lavender Hill
I admit to suffering from severe brain overload yesterday in the aftermath of the Food Bloggers Indaba. So much useful information, so many great speakers, bad jokes, tasty snacks, lovely people and crammed goody bags, packed into over 10 hours of a rainy winter Sunday.

As a six-year-old blogger some of the stuff I knew already but still gained new ideas and perspectives. Other stuff was new, new, new, to me at least, and I’m left weighing up the pros of leaping into the greater social media scene with both feet (increased traffic to my blog, building it as a brand to monetise it, being part of a larger community, making friends and of course having fun, against the cons (more distractions competing for my time and attention, when I’m already far too prone to procrastination and Facebook attention splatter).

Am I going to launch into Pinterest? Am I finally going to surrender to Twitter? Still not decided. What about you? Are you already devoted to Pinterest...or Twitter? Good idea? or desperate distraction?!

Food Demo by food writer Sarah Graham

Props for the Food Styling workshop
Afternoon workshops on Writing and publishing a cookbook and then Food Styling and Props were both very interesting and got me thinking and re-thinking vague ideas of one day writing a food book myself.

And then the finale an auction in aid of Lavender in Lavender Hill, and then a lucky draw giveaway. All I can say is that the sponsors were amazingly generous, and the three goody bags weighed a ton overflowing with good stuff.

Goody bag from Food Bloggers Indaba

My girls had a ball helping me unpack them back home and have designated themselves official product tasters.

All in all it was a fantastic day. Congratulations are more than due to Colleen Grove for a wonderful job organising the whole event. and thanks to all the generous sponsors too.


  1. Thank you so much Kit. A lovely read about the Indaba. So glad that you enjoyed it :) and it was lovely to meet up again xx

  2. I enjoyed reading this! I still don'y know wheter I will have the time to become Really active on Twitter... and Pinterest is toatlly another ballgame!! Thand for the comment!

  3. I am not going anywhere near pinterest for sure! I too was left with a lot of thoughts and ideas after Sunday :)

  4. Came here via Marcheline. I have just investigated Pinterest as a result - and may never forgive you. As if I needed another distraction from the real world. In fact, I've forgotten which is the real world nowadays...


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