Monday, March 04, 2013

Vegan Treats and A Market

Most months I share a market stall with a friend at our local Camphill market. It’s more a social day out than a money-making enterprise, a chance to meet local friends, for the kids to earn a bit of pocket money by baking and selling their biscuits and for me to earn enough to pay for our lunch and a few other goodies.

It means getting up at six on a Sunday, baking up a storm with the girls and then, more often than not, leaving the kitchen an icing sugar dusted chaos of baking trays and mixing bowls for my husband to sort out, as we dash for the door bearing trays and containers of crunchies, muffins and iced biscuits.

Last month I had two customers asking if I had anything vegan. I didn’t. All my baking is lavish with real butter. But I promised to work out a vegan version of my crunchie recipe and bring it to the next market. I reckoned I could replace the butter with coconut oil, decrease the refined sugar quotient (to make them healthier) by using molasses instead of syrup and go from there. What I didn’t know was quite how the texture would turn out. Would they be crunchy, or cakey, or crumbly? I left it till the last minute to try out, so only on Saturday did I put my re-jigged recipe to the test. It worked.

Vegan crunchies

They were crunchy and only a tiny bit crumbly. And they tasted good, though of course different to real butter crunchies – more deep molasses flavour and less buttery toffee smoothness. I’m not going to share the recipe just yet, as I want to tweak the quantities a bit more, but I sold most of them and had good feedback.

Farinata - italian gluten free recipe

The other coincidentally vegan recipe I’d been meaning to try ever since I read it on Lucullian Delights was farinata. It’s a traditional Italian flatbread-come-pancake made with chickpea flour. It’s the perfect example of Italy’s cucina povera coming up with the ultimate in dishes catering to modern food preferences – gluten free and vegan - and is very easy to make. It’s a brilliant snack or accompaniment to a meal, if you have unexpected vegan or gluten intolerant visitors  to cater for.

I’d bumped into some chana flour in our local Spar, so grabbed it (pretty sure that I remembered chana meant chickpea). Then I tried the recipe out on my family in the week, was very surprised that the girls really liked it, and decided that farinata too must come to the market.

We have home-grown onions hanging in the garage, tomatoes being harvested quicker than I can cope with them, so I was even able to feel virtuous about its organic locally grown ingredients... apart from the flour of course which was bound to be flown in from somewhere far-off!

It was a hot day and the market rather quiet, as people headed for the beach instead of inland sun spots, but I sold most of my wares. The girls were busy with organising and taking part in games for their school stall, so were rather weary by the end but nothing that a refreshing dip in the pool wouldn’t fix as soon as we got home again.


  1. Gorgeous, Kit! Everything sounds so delicious. Are you getting excited for your trip to blissful and exotic decadence? I'm excited and I'm not even going!

  2. Hi Marcheline - yes it's less than two weeks now till we go to Grootbos and I can't wait!

    Tandy - it does feel good to try new things after a while of the same old same old. I'll be looking out for more interesting things to try too.

  3. Now you've made me hungry! I'm looking forward to the vegan 'butter crunchies' recipe to pass to my daughter.

  4. Hi, I always swap Butter with Olive Oil in all my baking recipes. Plain flour with wholemeal. Unrefined dark sugar with white sugar, and reduce it by a third. So far, everybody loves my baked goods, and knows the with the organic eggs, they can eat as much as they want! xx


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