Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bowled Over

Our son's career aspirations have shifted, for the first time in several years. As his dad was tucking him up tonight he confided that he is going to be a cricketer until he's 40 and after that a film-maker… the game ranger scenario seems to have been ousted for the moment.

He is surrounded by a glow of exhilaration, brought on by the final morning's match of his four day cricket clinic, where he distinguished himself among the group of nine-year olds by bowling two boys out, almost catching out two more (but the ball escaped his grasp at the last moment) and hitting two balls for four, thus winning the match for his team!

This was only the second time he has been to a holiday cricket camp and he doesn't play at school, (though he had some great coaching when Grandpa was visiting recently and practises bowling and batting at home with Dad), so he is doing really well. Visions of playing for South Africa are floating rosily in his eyes.

The girls were less enamoured of the cricket groupie scene. Sitting beside a grassy field, being blasted by the wind for three hours had them grumbling madly, even though I'd had the forethought to bring a book to read to them. They put up with it as patiently as is possible for five and seven year olds, and made it through the rather lengthy prize-giving and certificate presentation afterwards. We redeemed ourselves by going out for a pizza afterwards, hitting the heady heights of Kloof St and a smart pizzeria instead of our usual chain pizza place. I was away from my computer for the whole day and it felt like a complete holiday. Relaxed into wind and sun blasted languor we only got home in time for a late supper.

Tomorrow is a full day of work, some shopping and baking in preparation for our summer festival on Saturday, when we're going to have a house full again, so I might not be back on the blog till next week. Next week I'll have to make that Christmas cake, I've left it till the last minute yet again. Will I ever be organised enough to bake it in November, or even October? Maybe one day!


  1. Well I had got fond of the idea of having a game ranger for a son-in-law, but I suppose I can accept world-class cricketer and filmmaker in its stead ...

    Good luck with your festival. Can we come? We are in desperate need of sun!

  2. Ahhh a question I always ask myself come mid December...when will I be organized enough to do all the baking EARLY? I guess after this many years of mad dashing through the end of December, the answer is probably, never.

  3. There's only one type of fruitcake that is better than one made 2 months in advance, and that's one made at the last minute, Kit. Clearly you have more important things to do.

  4. Well have lots of fun at the festival!

    You're doing better than me on the cake front Kit. I always intend to make a christmas cake and never get around to it. Its just not the same not having cake leftovers for the next month or so. But it used to be my mum who made it. One day after we move next year I will have a christmas bake-off with my sister. (Life before then is too much of a shambles).


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