Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishes for 2008

It's time for New Year's resolutions again. I can't remember if I made any last year, but I do remember that we always used to make ones that were doomed to failure within a week and thus were discarded as a bad job for the rest of the year.

So this year I had another idea of what we could do to mark the change of years without over-facing ourselves. We're making paper streamers. On one side we write a thank you for all the good things that last year brought and on the other a wish for all the things we hope for in 2008. Then we'll pin them to a stick in our circle and leave them to flutter there, fading in the sunshine, dissolving into the rain.

This way they aren't resolutions that we feel bad about if we fail, they are wishes and we can keep on trying at them until we get close, or they can evolve through the year - there'll be no stark lines of writing to remind us of our shortcomings, as they'll have long ago weathered away, but our hearts will bear an imprint that is kind enough in its interpretation to allow us a whole lot of leeway and multiple tries.

At least that is the idea!

The children have already done theirs - their thank yous are simply for the happiness of last year and wishes for more happiness in the year to come, Middle Daughter's phrased as 'I wish for more happiness to come to earth', which touched me in a melting, gooey mother kind of way! Mine is filled with reams of detailed personal thanks and wishes - far less universal and altruistic than hers …

For all my blog friends I wish you a 2008 filled with love, joy and abundance, with plenty of new opportunities for creativity, work and play!


  1. Kit, that is such a beautiful idea. I love it. Mind if I borrow it?

  2. You're welcome to, Mary Alice! I'll think of you when we're putting ours out.

  3. you too, kit--happy new year!!

  4. What a fantastic way to welcome in the New Year! I might steal that sometime.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Okay I am using your idea, and labelling Kit's New Year Plan.

    Love it.

    who cares if i am a few days late...

    Happiness to you and yours this Newest Year!

  6. Kit, this is such a lovely image. We put way too much pressure on ourselves and our children. I love the idea of putting your wishes out there. They may fade away from you as they begin their journey, but everything is cyclical and they will be back when you are ready to fulfil them. Happy 2008

  7. Belated Happy New Year from me! I know you are all still on holiday, and hope you are enjoying it. Here in Europe, it's all systems go with school as of today.

  8. Happy New Year Kit. What a lovely idea to encourage your children in reflective thought.


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