Sunday, December 31, 2006

This was 2006

I've just come from Charlotte's Web, where she was doing this meme for a review of her blogging year. I liked the idea as it seems to wrap the year up nicely and succinctly, without too much mental exertion on my part, after our New Year's Eve family dinner and the loud and exuberant game of Pit that finished it off. Not to brag... but I unholy, competitive streak revealed!

So here is the first sentence from the first post of each month that I have been blogging this year. Sometimes I included the second one too, as I seem to be a master of the brief first sentence, which isn't always very illuminating.

March: It's supposed to be autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

April It's market day tomorrow. Once a month I run a stall at the local market to raise funds for our kindergarten - mostly this means baking fairy cakes, decorating them garishly and selling them along with my surplus jam stocks and second-hand children's clothes.

May: A long time since my last post, due to technical hitches. In the meantime winter has descended upon us here in South Africa, the long awaited rains have started to transform the countryside from brown to green and freezing cold draughts whistle in through unsuspected holes in the eaves.

June: 1 Being able to retire to the loo for 10 minutes with a book, without an invasion of kids needing attention.

Where have I been these last few days? Immersed in a sea of birthday preparation, for my one-more-sleep-till-I'm-six year old.

August: We have finally finished the leftovers from Sunday's feast.

September: Today was officially our first day of spring.

October: Living on a farm as we do, it is easy to allow an excess of animals into our life.

November: Come and have tea at our house today.

It was only when the aunts came up to say goodnight to the children that I realised how much we had packed into today.

It seems from this that my life revolves around the children, animals, seasons and importantly food - a pretty accurate summing up of this year!

Happy New Year to you all. See you in 2007 - may it be a wonderful year bringing peace, prosperity and good health to you.

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