Friday, October 05, 2007

Spring Flowers - a Photographic Road Trip

Gorgeous mature coral tree at Groote Post

Not only did we eat a wonderful leisurely lunch in a beautiful place for our wedding anniversary, we then indulged ourselves by going for a pottering drive along the quiet, dirt roads and stopping every kilometer or so, whenever I saw a flower I just had to photograph.

Wind, wispy clouds and wheat

It's been a long time since we've done that - with kids in the car we're generally trying to whisk ourselves to our destination before grumpiness sets in. We've also temporarily switched roles, it is usually my husband the photographer, screeching to a halt on the verge to catch the moment. This time I was in charge of the camera and it was me shrieking out to him to stop, whenever a new flower flooded my vision.

It is nearly the end of the flower season on the West Coast, the carpets of daisies already gone to seed, but there were plenty of bright patches of colour. So I've put you together a photographic flower road trip for you.

There were so many chinchirees everywhere that is was hardly a crime to pick five, one for each member of the family.

Wild watsonias make spots of hot colour in a dry field by the road, with Table Mountain mistily in the background.

Banks of pink daisies massed along the road side, and trust me Table Mountain is still there in the background!

More pink daisies washing towards the sea.

Pink vygies cluster into the dark rocks at Grotto Bay.

Pretty aren't they!

Wild orange gazanias set the hills on fire.

Wild flowers trying to emulate a municipal planting. Vygies and Chinchirees.

A river of purple winding along the valley.

Pink vygie bushes like confetti along the verge.

I had to put in an arum lily, even though this shot isn't the best as they were still gallantly flowering in all the damp places. I stopped to pick three to take home to remember our wedding day - these were the flowers I carried twelve years ago, freshly picked from a ditch that morning.


  1. Beautiful. I love arum lilies so much and the way they just grow wild in the Cape.

  2. Kit, you evoke such memories from the depths of my heart! I also love the way the arums grow wild in the wet ditches! Vygies... I have just given a quick giggle and called my son over... he can't pronounce the g, not in vygies or gemsbok! I love the vygies... always reminds me of beautiful seaside holidays and hot sun baked sand! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Stunning! I've always wanted to go to South Africa...and now I want to go even more :o)

  4. Woooow, wat to say,hmmm nyways post is simply superab!!!! adorable pics buddy.
    keep up the work.

  5. Kit, it used to be when I got homesick I phoned my mother, now I have a look at your blog as well. Sometimes your simple words and beautiful pics go straight to the heart of my memories and longings. Thank you

  6. Beautiful pix.

    We call those calla lilies around here. My engagement ring is shaped like a calla lily bent into a circle.

  7. Beautiful...I felt like I went on a little vacation, discovering new sights around each bend.

  8. Oh how homesick that stunning coral tree makes me! We had seven growing in a line down our back fence that my dad planted the day he and my mom moved into our house. By the time I left home they were taller than a double-storey house and I had probably collected my own weight in lucky beans over the years. I still have a couple in my bag that I rub when I feel homesick. Thanks for a beautiful post full of memories.

    PS. You have a husband who will actually stop a moving car for you to take a picture?!?! He's a keeper ;-)

  9. Sweeped away to your land and felt like i walked this twilight in paradise!

  10. Hi kit, here for the first time, and I love this picteresque welcome! its a nice blog, keep it up...and I'm a vegetarian too, so I think i'll try to cook somethign for your event here

    btw, I'm hosting AFAm-Peach over at my blog, so hope you can find time to make something "peachy" and send it over!:)

  11. I stumbled here somehow and was taken by your photographs of flowers and open spaces. And, of course, spring in October. Thanks for sharing.

    Gambits from Gail

  12. Breathtaking Kit...congratulations on your anniversary. The arum lilies are gorgeous! What a feast for the senses!

  13. Ok this plus your food posts have me ready to move! When will my room be ready? ;)

  14. Whoa! That was some fine flower fields you went there! It made me remember the first time when I and my wife went on a road trip along Canada with my car that was just out of the repair shop. We first went around Burlington, then Quebec to get us some fine food and memories.


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