Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cross-Dressing Ben

Barbie is finding that riding off into the sunset after her wedding is not quite what she expected of the happyeverafter.

Oh Ben that is just soooo last season!


  1. I'm voting for the stompy look as opposed to the athletic footwear. Given his empire waisted pencil dress and all, a little urban overhaul...
    Maybe Barbie can join in the cross dressing fun and they can bond as a couple, heehee.

  2. That's funny! We don't have enough Kens around here, and it's often another Barbie filling in for the masculin roles.

  3. I'd say she's hardly in a position to complain about Ben's "last season" fashion statement while she herself is sporting an ensemble that positively screams "last century".

    She clearly needs to loosen up a little.

    I mean, if she can't handle this, what on Earth is she going to do when she wakes up one morning to find that she is the mother of a purple Teletubby twice her size and a plastic palomino horse missing a leg?

  4. Laughing)))....oh Kit I needed to see this today! Ben is welcome any time here on the farm with my country "fried" vintage Barbs...they will show him the "ropes" of farm management Kansas style and will put him to work mucking Lucy's stall ( yuk) BTW...I think he rocks in his dress outfit...if it were plaid he would have that kilt look which is so SEXY! Thanks for your kind words of comfort about my FIL...xxxooo

  5. lol!! At least your girls dress Ben...Chelsea use to dress her brother!


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