Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yesterday Evening

Summer swallows swooping,
Perform an intricate dance,
Meeting midair,
parents beak to beak with adolescent offspring
slip them succulent morsels of mozzies.

As the evening sun slips away
Landscape that was bleached straw
Now is drenched in golden honey.
Sacred Ibis in V formation
Wing purposefully overhead.

The heat wanes.
Sprinklers release the scent from the baked earth,
mercifully slaking the parched grass.
The cricket chirrup resonates incessantly
Harmonising with frog song.

Children in short pyjamas
asleep under mozzie nets
the fan twirling industriously above.
Doors and windows agape
To ensnare the evening breeze.


  1. Hi...I thought I'd stop by- I keep seeing you reply to some of the same friends! :)

    This poem is absolutely beautiful. Truly. And I love the imagery of warmer days as I sit here freezing.

    I have you bookmarked now!

  2. You have me wishing for a nap under a mozzie net.


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