Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More on the SA Blog Awards

Loathe as I am to oust a classy shot of opulant chocolate from the top of my blog with this piece of blatant and tasteless self promotion, I just can't stop myself. Here at last is my widget for the SA Blog Awards!

Vote for me

If you haven't already voted for me and would like to, you can click on it - then all you need to do is supply your email address and submit. You'll get a confirmation email with code that you'll need to paste into your browser address bar to confirm your vote and make it valid.

I promised to share some of the other blogs I've enjoyed reading among the finalists.

Max Kaizen who plays with the cool kids of SA Blogdom and enjoys words as much as I do, frequently utilising polysyllabic epithets in appropriate contexts with great aplomb.

Trash Media whose deadpan humour is well written enough to be intelligible even to forty something mommybloggers like me.

I still haven't worked my way down the whole list but there only seems to be one other blogging mother, that is the internationally well-known Tertia, who has made infertility her special subject and written a book on her experiences. She is now blessed with twins and has the fun of double toddler antics to cope with. To see the full list of finalists look here, voting closes at midnight on Friday.


  1. Done! Voted for you! I have also been having fun reading through some of the other entries... sort of reconnecting for me...

  2. My fingers are crossed! You deserve it!!

  3. Hello

    I found your blog through my Google Alerts for salt dough postings and never realised there are so many bloggers from South Africa and that there is even a yearly award for bloggers.

    I am from the Free State and have also been blogging since October 2006
    I really enjoy it and now have some lovely links to South African blogs to visit over weekends.

    Greetings from the Free State


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