Friday, March 09, 2007

SA Blog Awards

This is a Vote for Me post. I made the finalists in the SA Blog Awards for Best New Blog! Yippee, much excitement masquerading as sang-froid in this house! So thanks Charlotte for nominating me.

When I get the code for a pretty Voting button I’ll put it on here but in the meantime:

Please vote for me now by going HERE, ticking my blog name and any blogs in other categories you fancy. Then submit your vote. They will send you a confimation email, which has a button or link you have to click on or paste into your brower address bar to make the vote valid, don’t forget that bit. I’m just trying to rack my brains to remember if I did that with my nomination vote as none of the blogs I nominated showed up in the finalists and Charlotte's Web should have been there..darn it, I think I did but how can I be sure.... Closing day for votes is the 16th.

I have just discovered a great food blog by checking out some of the other finalists. Called Cook Sister, she is a South African living in London. Her latest post is a collection of 60 other bloggers’ pie recipes from all over the world. I was shamelessly drooling by the end, if only it wasn’t way too hot here today to even consider baking a pie. If ever you need inspiration for a pie recipe check it out – chicken pie to focaccia to venison to apple they’re all there. This is one for my blogroll.

Another great blog in the photo category is Thinking Picture. Just click on photo after photo to have an atmospheric tour of South Africa, from the comfort of your own computer...

I'll let you know any more discoveries as I work through the list


  1. I went, I tried, I couldn't find you on there...

    I'll try again.


  2. yum Kit, edible writing P-:
    So delighted to have discovered you to - you made my ZA linklove list with a dash of speed >>
    I'll be back for seconds!!
    love Max

  3. Thanks guys!
    Nicolle I'm in the Best New blog category, left column, half way down!

    Max, I'm going to have to create another section in my blog roll for you, mind if I borrow your phrase 'edible writing'?...'food for thought' also possible and then I need a category for the food blogs I'm just much to read, so little time!

  4. I am off to vote for you...

  5. Thanks Charlotte, I was shocked not to see you on the list, cos you're definitely up there as winning material as far as I'm concerned. Next year I'm going to nominate you in every possible category, then they'd better take notice!

    Thanks Meredith. I feel like I'm a politician that ought to be patting babies on the head as I do the rounds with a megaphone going Vote for Me.


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