Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tigers on Safari

When the Tiger family came to Africa they wanted to see the Big Five.

Tiger Dad was thrilled to see that here the big cats have spots and it's their prey that is striped.

Tiger Mum wasn't so impressed:

'Better keep Junior tied to our apron strings in this place then.'

'Nice safari hats though'

This tiger family has many adventures and nearly ended up on an all night game trek in the gazanias. Luckily the evening ranger patrol noticed they were stranded without fuel and towed them back to the game lodge.


  1. they look well loved!

    good job ranger patrol!

  2. I can see that the Tiger family love Africa. Well done ranger patrol for keeping them out of danger!

  3. I(ve been catching up, you've been having fun and I love the "wild animals".

  4. Looks like Hobbes (as in Calvin's companion) in the background. Cute story - and good thing the game ranger rescued them!!


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