Sunday, October 21, 2007

Late October

Late October means late spring here in SA. A rash of warm weather has sent the carpets of flowers to seed and dried out the fields to a parched gold in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Late October means a sudden outbreak of gardening fever, and wondering why it's been so long, when I enjoy it so much, only to be forcibly reminded by spasms in my back, just why I so rarely weed my herb garden.

Late October means that the sun steals through our bedroom windows and tickles the children awake before the morning alarm clock sounds, sending us forth bright and early to arrive at school five minutes before the bell, instead of two minutes after as we too often do in winter.

Late October puts paid to weekend lie-ins - a recent innovation in any case, with winter darkness having lulled the children to sleep in at weekends until the luxurious hour of 7.30.

Late October means braking to avoid tortoises crossing our dirt road.

Late October means a visit from Granny and Grandpa bearing a crop of new children's clothes harvested from the end of season sales in England.

Late October means that mulberries and strawberries are ripe and juicy begging to be picked from trees and plants.

Late October means a bucket of Biotex in the bath in the forlorn hope of soaking purple juice stains from brand new primrose coloured T-shirts.


  1. What a lovely post...sounds like late October is the time to see SA...

  2. As your land is being carpet-ed with flowers, ours is being covered with leaves!

    Happy season of blooming wonder!

  3. Oh yes - This time of the year is wonderful in the Cape! Do come and experience it for yourself! No crowded venues, little wind, not too hot and the most exquisitely blue, blue skies!
    Must admit the post makes me want to visit the place myself even though I live here!~! :)

  4. As kids we cleaned mulberry stains by rubbing it with green mulberries. Worked on fingers but I can't remember ever trying it on clothes! We did use it on carpet stains - we had a fantastic mulberry tree right next to our back door and my amazing mother kept it until we finished school.

  5. So different to what's happening in London ;-) I'm getting to work later and later as that sun struggles to get up and I follow suit. I'm leaving work later and later as, once it gets dark around 4, what difference does it make what time you get home - it's not as if you will have some time to spend in your garden!! Suddenly slow-cooked roasts, stews and soups begin to hold an irreristible appeal. The box wine we have for everyday drinking and cooking switches from white to red. Every morning I make a mental note to bring my camera along tomorrow for the walk to the station - the leaves are all turning and are so beautiful!

    Enjoy your wonderful spring - despite all the above I'm envious!


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