Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter is...

Easter is about:

Hot cross buns made for the first time ever from Vanielje Kitchen's recipe;

Eggs, blown all week to provide blank canvases for ever newer, more innovative decorating techniques, involving my entire supply of food colouring, gold pens, candles, wax crayons, olive oil and so on.

Experiments with colour revealed that red and green often make a sludge brown, but if repeated often enough can get pretty close to black.

Much baking had to be done to use up vast quantities of pre-mixed eggs lurking in the fridge, but at least this way we don't have to find clever ways to eat hard-boiled eggs for several weeks like Johanna is busy doing! Mind you her recipe sounds worth boiling eggs for especially!

Easter trees to display our artistic endeavours, and of course chocolate...

The haul being counted only half way through the hunt. With one Mum and two doting aunts all masquerading as Easter bunnies, there was a record amount of eggs strewn liberally around our farm.

The Simnel cake, which apparently used to be a tradition for Mother's Day but now has become the traditional Easter cake, at least in our house. The kids mostly just like the marzipan balls and chocolate eggs, which leaves me with the cake for tea for a couple of weeks.

We did have the talk about the meaning of Easter at breakfast, after the chocolate egg hunt, just to balance things out - eggs symbolising new life and rebirth, but the talk got redirected on to how babies are made, by Youngest, who wanted to know how babies could come from eggs too...


  1. Oh, how lovely! I love all the eggs and the egg tree. I don't think I've ever eaten or made Hot Cross Buns. They look super yummy.

  2. I love the eggs. And Hot Cross Buns...I didn't make any this year...yours look fabulous.

  3. Kit, your photographs are alway so inspiring,

  4. As always, lovely photos of your Easter celebration! The hot cross buns look scrumptous! What a great idea for a tree! (was it a good wine?) lol.

  5. Kit your HCB look fab. Well done. Your easter celebrations look lovely and I envy the sunshine.

  6. Oh I wish I was so creative! Those are great pictures and yes, it is a mystery how a baby can start out as an egg! ;)


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