Monday, October 27, 2008

Spring Blossoms

Spring is really here, the warmer weather, as always, ringing the final knell for any lingering spring flowers. A week of sunshine without rain and the flower fairies are hard put to it to keep their blossoms alive, as the sandy soil dries out in a flash of a lamb's tail and before we know it the garden is fading and thirsty.

A last celebration of spring, as the girls made a fairy garden, while we were braaiing last Saturday, in the last remnants of daylight after the sun had dipped below the horizon.

Hard at work they ran about the garden collecting blossoms and carefully embroidering them into a tapestry fit for a fairy queen.

A garden of blooms for the fairies to dance under the starlight - seizing the moment to enjoy the ephemeral beauty before sunrise shrivels it to dust.

A fairy circle with a mountain of rose quartz to bring love and warmth to all around.

And the first fruits of our veggie garden - alas no strawberries this year but loads of tender peas. Every pod had its peas counted to see whose age it matched. All those with six went to Youngest - the eight-pea pods to Middle Daughter and the in betweens were fair game for anyone - a chore became a fascinating game of counting and excited chatter. Enough peas for supper and some for the freezer. With mint they were delicious, though Youngest prefers them raw.


  1. I love the fairy tapestries! They are beautiful. My kids also prefer peas raw to fresh.

  2. The flowers look beautiful and the peas are making me hungry.

  3. Oh, just look at that fairy garden! Too gorgeous. Love the story about the peas & matching them to ages :)

  4. Wow, you know how to make me feel REALLY jealous!
    We need some of those fabulous bright colours and sunshine here!
    Hope all is well,

  5. Great pictures and such nice colors. The peas look great. That's amazing that you are running from spring to summer down there--up here, it's headlong into wintertime that we are going. And I am certainly not looking forward to it. Perhaps I should "hemisphere hop" every six months to avoid it.

  6. I've been reading your blog for a few springs now :) I love that it's getting warm chez vous just as it's getting cool chez moi. Something about balance, like counting the peas in the pods.

  7. Hi Kit, Glad I found you again! Looks like the wee ones really celebrated the last of spring in style! We are headed into winter here in I appreciate your sunny attityde! :)

  8. Breathing this fresh spring S. Africa air! :) Just lovely Kit, the colorful flowers and happy kids enjoying....Although November can bring snows here in central US, there is a risk of severe storms and tornadoes today. Feels more like May!! I sooo do not want to dodge more Kansas "OZ" twisters this late in the year.

  9. I love the flower bright and cheerful! And boy, do I wish I could get my hands on those peas :)


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