Monday, November 09, 2009

Ten Things Update

A nudge from Marcheline made me realize I haven’t posted for ages. All my writing mojo is being spent on work stuff, so I’m falling back on an update in the ten things format to fill the black hole.

1. It has been raining now for two days and nights, practically without stopping. This is supposed to be summer in South Africa, not in England. Getting a bit worried about the pairs of animals that keep showing up too….
2. We went out for lunch to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday at Bukhara, a great Indian restaurant in town. Excellent food, but I never took my camera so am a totally incompetent food blogger!
3. Youngest brought back a reader from school, sat me on the sofa and read it through to me start to finish. I was really impressed as they start learning their letters from scratch in Class 1 in Waldorf and the others were only reading by the end of Class 2. She is raring to go and catch up with her big brother and sister.
4. My foot has been bothering me all week, with an arch that is misbehaving, so no belly-dancing tonight. Need to go and see a reflexologist or something to try and sort it out.
5. I’ve just received my first ever review copy of a book to review on my blog: Be My Guest by Fay Lewis. Maybe I am a proper food blogger after all! I’m going to try out a recipe or two first, before I write about it so will let you know.
6. Read ‘Little Women’ and ‘What Katy Did’ for the first time since I was a child. Still good stories but I’m wondering what my girls will think of them, with their fine moral lessons set among mild misdeeds, the terrible illness of Beth, and Katie being paralysed for so long.
7. Took our son to the homeopath for some more constitutional treatment. He’s getting dry skin on his face and we don’t want him to get the eczema back that he had as a baby.
8. The children are totally unimpressed with the old Toyota Corolla we are driving about in. We’ve sold our main car and are waiting to get hold of a second-hand Toyota Prado, but it’s taking longer than we thought.
9. We haven’t celebrated Guy Fawkes night since we came to South Africa, and it was a surprise to find out that it is still a big thing in the local communities here, with kids running around setting off fire crackers and throwing eggs and paint at each other. Our dogs were terrified by all the bangs and wriggled right under the children’s beds to take cover.
10. The school Spring Fair a week ago was a hot summer day and I wore my new summer dress for the first time, which seems a distant memory now when I’m back in winter clothes and still cold. Youngest won a prize in the fancy dress competition, dressed as a princess of course.


  1. ... wait, what? Belly dancing? For real?!?! I think we must hear more.

    Cracked me up with "pairs of animals that keep appearing" - ha!

    Good to have you back, looking forward to that book review!

    - M

  2. I may use this "Ten Things Update" as I have been in a total bloggy funk. I think the grey rainy weather and no tumble dryer may well have something to do with it! Enjoyed reading your post!

  3. Matcheline - Belly dancing is great fun and brilliant for core muscle toning - much more fun than going to the gym ! - my son's class teacher, teaches a few of us, but unfortunately she's leaving at the end of the year, so I don't know where I'll be able to carry on.

    Natalian - go for it - it's great blogtherapy for clearing blockages!
    This is the first time I've remotely thought a tumble dryer could be useful since we've been here. My laundry mountain is taking over! And more rain forecast for Wednesday here.

  4. Can somebody please explain to me how BOTh hemispheres are having winter weather at the same time?!? :o)


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