Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming, Ready Or Not

Silent Night is echoing around the house, as the girls learn all their favourite Christmas carols on the recorder.

Paint smears over T-shirts indicate that some serious pressie creation has been going on.

Middle Daughter now has two bagfuls of home-made presents all totally independently made.

Son spends time alternating between computer and book and is relying on a last minute batch of home-made lemon curd to solve all his present dilemmas.

Youngest is steadily amassing her pressies, but is way behind her sister, though keeping her nerve and persevering.

And me? I’ve done the bare minimum of shopping, just enough to provide a present each per child plus the odd stocking filler and am following my son’s example and relying on a last minute painting spree to create the rest of my pressies. Inspiration thrives on adrenalin, I hope.

The Christmas cakes are baked and awaiting their marzipan and icing.
The tree is still growing up at the top of the farm until we go to cut it on Sunday.
The girls have built a stable but we have no figures as yet for the nativity scene. I had the great idea of making our own wooden figures, which fell by the wayside several weeks ago.

And the reason my blog has been such a bare and windswept space…there has been plenty of writing material but a total lack of energy to shape it and put it into words, as the last two weeks have held:
A wind-pummelled two night camping trip with our son’s class, where duct tape was the main element keeping the tents up and poles shattered left right and centre.
Production of the school annual newsletter where each year we are sailing teeth-clenchingly closer to the deadline – this year it was printed at 9am before school’s close at 11am…
Family over here from Australia and consequent feasting.
Son’s class play, where he excelled as cut-throat robber at the first performance and Zeus at the second.
My mother arriving from England for Christmas.
Our belly dancing end of year performance at our house, for which clear floor space was required, a scarce commodity even in our spacious abode.
Much juggling of work with all the above, which made me realize how much more time efficient I could be every week if pushed.

So I am thankful that the girls are keeping themselves so busy with Christmas preparations, churning out cards for me to send to family overseas, keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in our house, so that I can coast along in their slipstream and let the momentum gather in their wake.


  1. I am hoping Santa brings us a YouTube video of you and your bellydancing buddies. I can't imagine anything that would bring more joy to the hearts of mankind.

    Waddya say?

  2. It's a busy time of the year. Belly dancing?!

  3. These presssie creations sound very interesting! I would love some ideas for my kids!

  4. Marcheline - I don't think I'm quite ready to broadcast my belly-dancing to the world!
    Deedee - It's great fun and great exercise, and very definitely amateur. We only perform to a select group of family once a year, who are guaranteed to applaud at the right times!
    Natalian - The biggest hit in the pressie stakes have been calendars - I print off a4 calendar pages with the top left blank and the kids draw a picture for each month of the year. Then use a hole punch at the top and thread ribbon or twizzles through. Otherwise lots of paintings, pompoms and miscellaneous creations of felt and sequins, sometimes Christmas tree decorations made of all of the above. And our son's lemon curd which has been a fixture since he started making it three years ago.

  5. Ah, but dear Kit - it's not about whether YOU are ready... it's WHAT YOUR READERS WANT that counts! Didn't you graduate from Blogging School? I'm sure there was a chapter in there about "The Reader Is Always Right."


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  7. Sounds like Christmas preparations as they are meant to be :) And your son played Zeus? Well done to him! Although I'm not sure how you follow up THAT role ;-)


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