Friday, August 26, 2011

Dawdling Through The Daisies

The white daisies are in full fling now, the longest season I can remember them having all to themselves, before the pink and yellow daisies muscle in to join the dance and the pure white is dowsed with colour. There is something about the carpet of white that lifts the spirit, far more than the patchwork quilt of later spring, pretty though that is. White is said to be the favourite colour of unicorns and white daisies in particular, so there must be at least one or two prancing through our meadow, don’t you think?!

Our border collie watching to see if it's a walk or a photo dawdle

Yesterday was too beautiful to spend entirely at the computer, so come and join me on a wander through the daisies... while they’re still blooming so beautifully.

A flame of orange - the pincushion protea is a beacon among the snowfield of daisies

More white on the apricot tree

The white bench camouflaged - can you see it?

Wandering back up the slope to the house where work and laundry beckons... or maybe you'd like to come in for tea?


  1. What a beautiful dawdle through the daisies...loved it! Thank you so much for sharing Kit. Wish I lived close by. I would pop through them for that cuppa :) xx

  2. Thanks Colleen - so glad you enjoyed them! And we're only 40 minutes from Cape Town, so not too far for a cup of tea and a daisy tour if you have the time - you'd be very welcome!

  3. I enjoyed that wander. I haven't seen a protea since my Hawaii days. I love those flowers, too.


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