Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spring Flowers and Sunshine

The weather in a South African spring is just as erratic and variable as an English one. The biggest difference being that the erratic equation includes a whole lot more sunny days in between the rain storms. August here is the equivalent of February in the northern hemisphere and we've been sitting out on the stoep in the sunshine with our cups of tea,  warming our bones from the chill of the house inside... then it's impossible to resist a wander among the daisies before returning to the computer to freeze the toes again.

The spring flowers are going ballistic, knowing that they have to fit in their flowering season while they still can, before the rainstorms tail away and they face another summer of dry, dry heat.

So to cheer us all up (and who doesn’t need cheering up right now?!), here are some of the brave flowers currently celebrating spring on our farm. With a huge storm forecast for the weekend they are busy partying while the sun still shines.

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  1. Beauriful flowers!
    I was amazed, btw, that you knew about San was so small and untouristy, I thought maybe no one else would know where I was talking about!

  2. I was also happily surprised to see San Leo in your post, Meredith! It always felt miles from anywhere - we stayed at tiny villages and mountain hotels until we reached Urbino on that trip - this was about 20 years ago now, that I was last there, but the company is still running the trip.

  3. Oh, Kit... how absolutely heartbreakingly wonderful! I love looking at flowers that don't grow where I live. What are those beautiful purple things?

  4. Marcheline - they are called bobbejaantjies ( pronounced bubiankies)here - latin name babiana - because the baboons apparently like digging up the bulbs and eating them. luckily we have no baboons where we are, so lots of flowers!

  5. Thanks! Off to google that....


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