Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Cat That Loves To Shower

As soon as I switch the sprinkler on in my herb garden this evening a little black shadow comes scurrying. Horry runs into the gentle mist of water, positions herself to her liking in the stream of droplets and starts to wash attentively.

She spends about ten minutes thoroughly licking her fur from every angle and seems to actively enjoy getting soaked to the skin.

Horry, or rather Horror, as she usually gets called, is old now, fifteen, one of our original two cats that preceded the children in our family. Cats of character. She has outlived the vet's predictions by more than three years, although she walks and runs with a swashbuckling wobble.

Here's the cat 'Horror's story Part 1 and Part 2.

So there!


  1. I love it! what a funny cat. Might change my mind about them someday. love your blog my friend.

  2. How precious is THAT, I ask you? Maybe Horry has under-achieving salivary glands, and needs the extra moisture to get a good cleaning done. Or maybe she's just a wackadoodle kitty. Either way, those pictures are fantastic - thanks for the smiles!


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