Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waiting for Blogger...

This message is what I've been staring at in a dazed fashion for the last couple of days..until it blurred into reminding me of Waiting for Godot, the play by Samuel Becket that I can remember very little about, except for the title and an image of two men sitting on a park bench just waiting.

Too dramatic to describe it as an existential crisis, but being unable to communicate on the internet was very frustrating. On Saturday our server was so slow that every attempt to bring up a blog timed out...emails had the same result...I had to take it as a sign from above that I've been spending too much time on the internet recently..too hooked on exploring the blogosphere or maybe just a gentle hint to go and bake instead. Yesterday every comment I tried to post came back to me with Server Error, so I gave up and read on the sofa instead, which is what I used to do pre-blog.

So maybe the frailties of the internet can be interpreted as divine intervention to keep my life in balance or maybe they just are...who knows.

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